Dear Reader,

It is a great honor and pleasure to pen just a few comments in Marie’s autobiography. The “buttons are popping off my shirt with pride” to witness yet another of her many accomplishments. However, this one will not be just shared locally, but with the world!

Yes, Marie is my wife, lover, very best friend, and confidant whom God has designed for me. As you read about her life, you will discover the grit, power, and humor she applies to life’s challenges, sorrows, and obstacles that I have come to know. All her many gifts and talents are held together with a heart of love, compassion, and fierce family protection. The unwritten gifts of Marie that are only known by family and friends (i.e., her God-given anointing, unwavering love for God, a self-taught musician, singer, wonderful homemaker, and fantastic cook) are by no means an all-encompassing list.

However, many will be revealed as you walk with her through the pages of this book. Marie, I love you with all my heart and am so very proud of what God has enabled you to sustain and accomplish.

Maurice Jenkins
(AKA Babe)